Sep 14, 2019

Should I or should I not???

With my new-found religion, I sure don't want to jeopardize the grounds I've gained by doing something stupid and falling away to the Dark Side. Dang. It's kinda like me hangin' around in a bar and people worrying that I might take a drink after over 20 years of sobriety. I do hang around a bar/restaurant across the street which is where I walk Cooper every evening and I stop to talk to my friends there. The bar is doggy friendly and Cooper likes being fed french fries as well but I don't even consider havin' a drink other than water.. So that sure ain't gonna happen just like I'm not going to worship false idols either.

But wow, did I come across something crazy-like today that I am having a hard time wrapping my head-brain around it.

As many of you know my home is on the market and has been for a couple of months now and even though I have had  a contract that fell through at the last minute, I continue to have showings and feel very positive about getting it sold. And although I haven't finalized any plans on where I will go if in fact I leave here, the idea of living permanently on a sailboat is still very intriguing and even the idea of travelling the country in a RV certainly has its merits. Regardless, I can't do anything until the house sells other than visit with friends.

But today, my cuz, Janice, who lives in Beavercreek, Ohio and whom I have a deep fondness for and have always enjoyed her company as a child and now thoroughly enjoy her friendship and companionship as an adult put me on to something that might just get this whole  process moving.

Okay, I want everyone to raise their hand who have ever heard of burying a statue of St. Joseph in the front yard of the house you are trying to sell and you HAVE TO BURY IT UPSIDE DOWN!!! in order to make it work. Now, some of you may have heard it has to be St. Francis or St. Anthony but those guys still count just the same. In fact if you search long enough on the Internet you can find a half dozen saints that it will supposedly work with.

I've read varying accounts from priests who have been asked to bless the statue before it's buried, which they reluctantly do with the caveat that you dig the statue up afterwards and clean it up and put it in your new home.

I contacted my realtor, who will go unnamed right now to protect her anonymity, but she said she even carried them in her car trunk years ago. And my older brother Dave admitted to me when I told him about this story that his home had been on the market for a year and someone told him the story and he buried a statue and it sold 3 days later.

 Right now you can purchase at Ace Hardware a St. Joseph Home Selling Starter Kit for only $4.99.

Well, I'm going to run this by my pastor tomorrow morning and run it by some of my more learned-than- me, theological thinkers and get their take. And if I get a somewhat positive feedback, I'm headed to the hardware store!.

Like I said, I sure don't want to end up on the "Dark Side" but dang, it would be great to sell the house.


And a Happy Birthday in Heaven to my wonderful wife today, Sept. 14th. I know you're smiling knowing I'm writing again.