May 23, 2019

Food for the Soul can sometimes be just empty calories...

Before anyone gets into a panic, let me reassure you that the below picture was taken early this morning and I have since been to the grocery store and replenished my food supply. So please, if you feel the need to send along a CARE package, there's no need, of course if you have any Esther Price candies sitting around, they are always welcomed...just kidding...kinda sorta about the CARE package.

But in filling my pantry or at least my refrigerator,  as I sheepishly admit, that I did fill my buggy at the store with a good amount of junk food, the good news is I am eating. The bad news it's a lot of empty calories. And that whole scenario gave cause for me to write this blog.

The human body can survive without food for more than 3 weeks but without water you might only last 3 or 4 days. So by consuming one bag of  Lay's Sour Cream and Onion potato chips, a bag of Reese's cups, a package of slices of processed cheese, or a medium bag of Cheetoh Puffs, I can live for months or even years. One's body learns to adapt. But are you living or just surviving?

The same is true for the food that nourishes our soul. We can actually live an entire lifetime with little more than  one morsel of food for our soul. We can load it full of junk food. We can fill it up with candy and sweets and chips. We can drown it with alcohol. We can fill it with hallucinate drugs. We can put anything we want into our souls and  experience the indigestion that affects us like when we eat a batter-fried jalapeno or a oversize chicken-fried steak, mashed potatoes and country gravy. But it's just like how we treat our physical it living or just surviving.

The dichotomy of our physical well being and our inner spiritual meaning are in fact not opposed but are aligned. Think about it, do we make correct, well thought decisions when we are gorging ourselves with empty calories? Are we on our best mental game when we succumb to that Hershey bar or Kit Kat rush?

The reverse is true as can we expect our physical bodies to function properly when we fill our heads with lies, fake news, hate rhetoric, suspicions and morally corrupt thoughts. The fact is we can't.

I don't care how many supposed facts, how many articles, how many talk shows discussions, how many Facebook posts or blogs you read including mine,  or how many news shows you "feed your soul" if it's not healthy, if it's just junk food, then it's just empty calories and like your physical body, your soul will simply waste away until there is nothing left.

I'm fortunate that I have been given a new chance to mull over my life decisions. I've been able to weigh good against not-so-good. And yes, healthy diet versus empty calories.

I'm certainly not advocating abstaining from fun snacks and fun thoughts. But moderation for both is what is important. I started this blog with a Reese's cup in hand and now I'll finish it with an often heard and often repeated axiom, that comes from within "We are what we eat". But now I want you to take it a step further and include it in your menu for your soul. We are what we feed our souls as well.